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Our audience

We reach significant numbers of professional services people. If you’d like to write an article that demonstrates your prominence in a specific area, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email (Guest.Blogs@2bd.me).

Topics of interest to write for us

We’re happy to consider articles on the following topics:

  • Law firm launch/new law firm launches
  • Law firm websites
  • Law firm marketing
  • Law firm partner promotions
  • Case studies of successful law firm marketing campaigns
  • Social media tips and tricks
  • Digital jargon explainer articles

What format would you like the article in?

We’d ask that your article is original, around 500 words in length minimum, that it has been thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar mistakes, that it is structured in headings, and sections and that the title (H1), and subheadings (H2) are optimised for search engines.

In the first instance, please send us an email and pitch your article to us as set of bullet points, identifying who your target audience is at the outset.

What happens next?

We’ll get back to you within 48 hours and let you know if we’re going to commission the article.

If we like it and think it’s going to work for our audiences, we’ll talk deadlines and promotion. But here’s the kicker: if we don’t think it’s for us, we’ll suggest two or three other things you could do with it instead to get it published somewhere.