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Why is no-one reading my blog post?

Ah, the frustration! You’ve spent hours writing something of interest for your readers, posted it on your website and now you sit back to watch the reads statistics come galloping in. Except….

…they don’t. It’s a rare professional services firm that has enough clout that it can attract traffic without prompt.

So, how do I boost my readership?

The first thing to do as a professional is, of course, share the article on LinkedIn. Please share this one with your LinkedIn contacts for me. Thanks.

Once you’ve done that, the next thing you can do (assuming you’ve already got PR and email covered) is to get you colleagues and contacts to share it with their social network too.

How do I get my colleagues to share my story? Use our social media promotion tool.

We’ve developed a social media promotion tool for that which you can use, for free. It’ll tell you how many people shared it (and your Google analytics will tell you how many people read it).

If you drop us an email, then we can set you up with a free social sharing account.

And, like we said, please share this article with your contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.