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Becoming a Rockstar unicorn: learning to recognise and prevent burnout #LeadersWithValues

Leah Steele, a self-confessed reformed stress addict, talks about the importance of setting boundaries   I stumbled across Leah on LinkedIn when one of her posts really grabbed my attention. A quick Google search threw up her website Searching for Serenity. I quickly fell down a rabbit hole and spent my lunchtime reading her blog. … Continued

Nikki Grigg, founder of CEB

For the greater good: how employee benefits can help deliver your strategic aims #LeadersWithValues

Nikki Grigg talks change and transparency in a cloudy industry I recently sat down for a catch up with Nikki Grigg, founder of County Employee Benefits, an employee benefits business. When we’d first met at a professional services dinner, she had been very open about her 15 years’ experience in an industry plagued by commissions … Continued