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A robot

Robots.txt – the world’s view of you in just nine characters

What is a robots.txt file? Classy hotels always have a concierge who performs multiple functions (see what Rory Sutherland has to say about them in his book Alchemy). The concierge is there to welcome everyone and help with their immediate requests but also there to keep out the unwanted. In short, concierges are a signal. … Continued

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Building a new law firm website? Here are ten important questions to ask.

Here are ten important questions to ask if you’re looking to build a new law firm website. This article also covers what you need to know to get your website to perform better. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small law firm or a mid-sized or large firm, they’re pretty important questions for any size of build. It’ll take around nine to ten minutes to read (we checked) but it will save you thousands and potentially tens of thousands of pounds.