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Are you a recruitment agency that’s considering using a full-service marketing agency? Good idea! Differentiating yourself in recruitment is becoming more and more important. With the likelihood of Brexit turmoil and an upcoming recession (we’re due one soon), and the challenges and opportunities posed by in-house recruitment teams, now’s a great time to think about positioning yourselves to grab more market share.

TBD is the right agency for recruiters who want to do just that. We think that together, we can improve your profile, your reach, your networks and your client base.

Does TBD Marketing focus purely on recruitment marketing?

Yes, we are experienced at a whole range of professional services sales, marketing, communications and digital. And no, unlike some teams, we don’t restrict ourselves to just recruitment. But we are attuned to it. Some of us have been recruiters, and so we understand your world. But we bring a range of experience about how to climb the value chain, how to differentiate in a tight market, how to have a coherent voice, how to be famous. You don’t need siloed thinking – you need right thinking that will help propel your business forward.

So what does TBD Marketing do?

We’re probably most famous for taking on integrated marketing campaigns which have resulted in significant additional revenues for our clients. When we tie together all your marketing and BD efforts, you’ll amazed at how doors open and how many 50:50 chances suddenly start going your way.

We’ve spent years advising lawyers, accountants, planners, architects, recruiters and marketing, digital and translation agencies. We’ve advised them across the full range of marketing, communications and business development disciplines. We’ve done project work, retained work, strategy work. You name it.

We’ve brought clarity to strategy where none appeared obvious. This is often where we begin: by kicking the tyres on strategy. Does it ring true, is it grounded in reality? If so, we press on and identify your biggest opportunities and go for them. Sometimes you alreday know what they are, sometimes we need to help you identify them.

How should we go about appointing a recruitment marketing agency?

Let’s have a coffee and discuss that. We can give you a few pointers to make sure that you get everything that you need. We’ll encourage you to look at other, larger full-service agencies, but also urge you to include us on your shortlist too.

We can provide referees and promise to deliver an integrated recruitmenrt marketing service that others struggle to emulate.

Want to find out why we’re so confident? Contact Simon.Marshall@2bd.me for more details.