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Coffee, Glasses and a clear brain

The war for digital marketing talent in law firms

Clarity for your firm’s 2020 vision I love the cover of this month’s The Lawyer magazine, partly because I just did a sight test, and partly because the theme of looking back and looking forward is so important to the legal sector and the work we do at TBD Marketing. The data in the piece … Continued

Four coffees

Digital 100: The Social Creatures and the Kevin Costners

What are the four quadrants in The Digital 100? When we analyse the top law firms’ digital marketing strategies, they fall into four quadrants: those who are performing well at both web and social (Digital Nirvana); those who aren’t doing either well (Digital Hell); the social creatures and the Kevin Costners. What is Digital Nirvana? … Continued

Opinions and data

Data and marketing: never the Twain shall meet?

What has Mark Twain got to do with data-led marketing? The following quote is often erroneously attributed to Mark Twain: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” The irony that it’s probably not his saying wouldn’t be lost on the great … Continued

The Digital 100 rankings

The Digital 100 overall rankings 2019

The Digital 100 – current rankings Below is the overall ranking for digital marketing at law firms for this quarter. TBD has used a range of pertinent criteria to rank firms, the vast majority of which are size agnostic. 1 Leigh Day 2 Irwin Mitchell 3 Mishcon de Reya 4 Forsters 5 Simpson Millar 6 … Continued

Articles - if you draft them, will they come?

How do you write a great blog post or article?

The anatomy of a great article How do you write a great article? Here are some steps that you can take which will improve your article which are above and beyond the writing tips we talk about on our Write/Share/Engage courses. Come up with a thought leadership article idea See what has already been written … Continued

Social media faux pas

Here’s a (crowdsourced) list of social media faux pas to avoid. Vaguebooking It’s basically the equivalent of not saying enough but trying to draw on crowds to ask you more details. This activity normally results in the response “U OK hun?” on Facebook. The problem is, it’s now in our world: “See this week’s employment … Continued

A lot of reading

Writing for the reader’s mindset

What can we learn about engagement/reader’s mindset from the Government’s approach to the Withdrawal Agreement Bill last week? Every piece of writing should have an objective behind it. When we’ve published it, we need to ask the same question: did it produce the right result? Looking at the Government’s recent attempts to get the Withdrawal … Continued

Analytics and coffee.

Fancy looking into your competitors’ article analytics?

The power of a little positivity Fancy a peek under the bonnet at a competitors’ analytics? Here’s a very quick exercise (then please come back here for the rest of the article): Please can you click on this: https://bitly.com/2LYbL9G Then please click on this: https://bitly.com/2LYbL9G+ The former is Allen & Overy’s strong piece on “Operationalising … Continued