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Analytics and coffee.

Fancy looking into your competitors’ article analytics?

The power of a little positivity Fancy a peek under the bonnet at a competitors’ analytics? Here’s a very quick exercise (then please come back here for the rest of the article): Please can you click on this: https://bitly.com/2LYbL9G Then please click on this: https://bitly.com/2LYbL9G+ The former is Allen & Overy’s strong piece on “Operationalising … Continued

The Digital 100 winner 2019 - Leigh Day

Key findings from The Digital 100

How do we rank for digital marketing? This year, we wanted to rank leading law firms for their digital marketing. We looked at the elements that Google rewarded most and ranked the top law firms based on both publicly available data and some bespoke criteria that we created. The result is The Digital 100 – … Continued

Law firm web traffic rankings

Digital 100: The one million club

Global traffic rankings for Digital 100 law firms Having just run the first-ever Digital 100 report, some key stats are emerging as benchmarks for major law firms. If you buy a copy of the report, we can show you industry-wide benchmarks and stats from your firm that show how you’re performing at digital marketing. By … Continued

Total read time

What is total read time?

What is Total Read Time? Total read time is a measure of the amount of time that people have ever spent reading your webpage. It’s one way of determining the return on investment of creating a piece of content. Why is Total Read Time so important for professional services firms? All time spent on non … Continued


Becoming a Rockstar unicorn: learning to recognise and prevent burnout #LeadersWithValues

Leah Steele, a self-confessed reformed stress addict, talks about the importance of setting boundaries   I stumbled across Leah on LinkedIn when one of her posts really grabbed my attention. A quick Google search threw up her website Searching for Serenity. I quickly fell down a rabbit hole and spent my lunchtime reading her blog. … Continued

Coffee and headlines

Freddie Starr ate my headline

Aaaaahhh headlines. The joy of drafting a hilarious opening, the desperation of the editing process. I love headlines. I hate headlines. I jump out of bed to read headlines. I work hard to combat the wrong kind of headlines. Headlines are a major part of my working week. They should be a major part of … Continued