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I need to get ready for a media interview. What should I do?

We’ve coached hundreds of lawyers and people who work in professional services over the past 20 years on media training and on public relations training too. We know how to make it a less nerve-wracking experience, how to make sure that you get the most out of it, and (dare we say it) even enjoy the process.

Mostly, Partners and lawyers want practical advice on how to deal with the media. So they sign up for a course and then get frustrated by the sheer volume of things thrown at them and that they are unlikely to put into practice anytime soon. Please, don’t do that. It’s a waste of your time and money and you can do better.

How does TBD prepare me for a media interview?

At TBD, we think what’s a lot more helpful is if we:

  • make the sessions practical and memorable;
  • base it on experience, not theory;
  • work in light of a real life, imminent opportunity; and
  • focus on the medium in which you are going to be interviewed/deal with a journalist.

If you’d like to do a media training session, we can arrange that for individuals, small groups and even large groups. Just let us know.