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TBD advises on the launch of new law firms

The good news is: you’ve decided to launch a new law firm. Maybe you’ve found a new way of doing things and you want to strike out on your own or as part of a group. Maybe you want to charge clients less and yet earn as much. Maybe you just want to be the master of your own destiny. No matter what you motivation(s), congratulations! The fact that you’re considering taking this step is great news.

Equally, it’s a challenging time: there is a lot to think of to get from ‘I’d like to do this’ to ‘I run my own law firm and everything is ticking along nicely’. That’s where TBD comes in.

What does TBD not do for a new law firm launch?

Let’s start with the basics – what do we not do?

We don’t offer financing or regulatory advice. But we know good people who do and we’re happy to help introduce you to them.

Equally, we won’t draft contracts or help you with your gardening leave/non compete provisions. But, again, we know people who can.

Finally, we won’t draft your articles of association or deal with your SRA application. As you’d expect, we know the experts who can help you with this.

So, what can TBD do for me if we want to launch a new law firm?

What we will do is make sure that you hit the ground running. We have designed a package to help.

We cover and coordinate everything that you need from a strategy and a business plan through to a website, launch PR, business cards, logo, letterheads, messaging, PowerPoint and Word templates to coaching and business development, business plans, advertising and social media. We also help with thinking about staffing and recruitment, which systems to outsource, or use on a subscription basis, and how to make them work together.

At some point, in our experience, people hit a low as they leave. It’s only natural as you move from the safety of big law to your own start-up. We have over 20 years’ experience in helping people make the right decisions at every stage of the journey, of reminding them of what they are committed to, of seeing the forest for the trees.

What is our track record in doing this?

We have helped several law firms with their launch and post-launch activities.

We have also been at the heart of some major law firm mergers.

We’re happy to show you our work when we meet up for a coffee. Email Simon Marshall to arrange a time to chat.