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The future is To Be Determined.

Let’s determine yours.

TBD is a marketing agency that works for professional services firms.

We’re best known for our joined-up thinking: making sure that all your marketing, communications and business development efforts work together to bring in new business and improve your profile.

Since our launch in 2018, we’ve worked with a series of law firms, architects, planners, real estate businesses, technology firms and digital agencies to bring clarity and purpose to their business development.

Why is Wikipedia so important to your digital marketing strategy?

What’s the impact if you’re not on Wikipedia?

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Coffee and Wikipedia

At peace - #Digital100Image


#Digital100Image photo competition open for entries. Submit your best images on the theme of wellbeing.

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What is The Digital 100?

How can I use it to win more business? What can it do for my law firm? What are the benefits of using digital better for our firm?

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The Digital 100

Coffee and web traffic

The Digital 100: Are you in the one million club?

Where you law firm website ranks for traffic matters. We ran the figures and found that the chasing pack is doing more than just chasing…

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What is Total Read Time?

It’s time to determine if your article was worth writing. It’s time for Total Read Time.

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Total read time

Coffee and headlines

Freddie Starr ate my headline

Why are headlines so crucial to your business?

Can everyone write a great headline?

This article explains the what, when, where, why and how of headline writing.


#LeadersWithValues – Terry Webster Interview

Have you ever had to choose between job security and your values?

Terry Webster, founder of Lindis Consulting

Nir Golan



#LeadersWithValues – Nir Golan Interview

Is it possible for lawyers to live their values?


#LeadersWithValues – Nikki Grigg Interview

What are the benefits of being a values-driven organisation?

Nikki Grigg, founder of CEB

Getting the basics right

Are you recession ready?

What can we learn from previous recessions? How did Slaughter and May and Linklaters emerge stronger last time round?

CRM, Italian style

What can Salvatore the barber teach us about our approach to CRM?

Feeling insecure? 

An update on law firm website security. Is it safe for your clients to use your website?

“Simon and I worked together at Dewey Ballantine. Simon was an energetic, enthusiastic colleague who made a valuable contribution to marketing and communications for the firm. I enjoyed working with Simon.”

Julia Sherlock – COO EMEA, FTI Consulting LLP


“Si has a rare combination of skills. He has a real flare for strategic communications allied with what can best be described as being a digital marketing genius. Unlike many “marketing types” he cuts through the fluff to the strategic business issues and helps his clients find quick and cost-effective ways to achieve their business goals. He has an incredible ability to spot solutions and opportunities and solves what appear to be difficult challenges with the simplest of solutions. If you are a Managing Partner / CEO of any firm, I know that it is worth devoting an hour of your time to hear what he has to say.”

Simon Russell – COO, Fladgate